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Our company was founded in 2014 through a merger of Sorenson Welding of Dixonville and Buchinski Enterprises in Manning. This strategic move allowed the newly formed company to maximize service offerings and compete on a larger scale as petroleum activity in the area increased. In 2015, we expanded into construction and reclamation by bringing on board the experience and management of Slade and Keith Hutchison. 

Our divisions include Road & Lease Construction, Welding & Pipefitting, Maintenance, Facility Turnarounds, Vegetation Control, and Environmental Reclamation. STAT Energy’s experienced and skillful team includes welders, pipefitters, picker and construction operators, class 1 and 3 professional drivers, vegetation applicators, and labourers.




To be a leader in the energy industry by providing superior services & relationships.



Regional expansion in the energy service field, and continue to develop a strong base of key customers.



To provide quality service that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.



We integrate honesty, integrity, respect, and business ethics into all aspects of our business operations.


To provide the highest quality service that is refined to best serve our clients, to deliver our services in the most productive and efficient manner to clients, contractors, and employees by fostering a professional work environment strengthened by teamwork.


“Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others’ success, and then standing back and letting them shine.” - STAT Management

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General Manager & Maintenance

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Born and raised in Manning, Bryan has been involved in the oil and gas industry since high school. During his secondary education, he was employed by Gary Kamieniecki Contracting.

After high school, Bryan attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology where he earned his Power Engineering Certificate. He worked for BP Canada for several years. In 2003, Bryan began to invest in the logging business with his father while also operating seasonal contracts for BP and other businesses in the area. Eventually, he began a management role in Buchinski Enterprises providing vegetation control throughout Alberta. Bryan greatly contributed to the overall vision and quality Buchinski Enterprises provided to their clientele, ensuring the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Bryan is married to Lacey and they have one son. They enjoy fishing, camping, skiing, and are passionate about travelling. Bryan enjoys experimenting with recipes on the smoker.

Going forward, Bryan's goal is to further enhance STAT Energy's relationships and brand to become a prominent choice when companies are choosing their contractors.

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Construction Manager

Manning is Slade's hometown. He grew up in the energy sector and began operating heavy equipment at an early age, including through his high school years.  During this time, he held positions at Grimm's Truck Stop, K. Mosure and Sons, and Battle River Oilfield Construction.

After graduation, he continued working for Battle River Oilfield, which was eventually purchased by Cordy Construction. Slade continued in managerial and superintendent positions until joining the STAT Energy team in 2015. In his leisure time, Slade enjoys family activities, especially outdoors. These include boating, sledding, and quadding. He is particularly fond of watching the kids grow up and be successful.

Slade and his wife, Kaylee, have two daughters and a son.

Slade's goal is to build on STAT Energy's success so that existing and potential customers see the company as their go-to service provider. Slade recognizes the importance and the potential in sustaining business when you consistently deliver quality results to your clients in a professional manner.

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Office & Administration Manager

Jenny's hometown is Brownvale, Alberta and she graduated from Grimshaw High School. She went on to pursue an Administration and Accounting Diploma from Fairview College. She encourages continuing education and has enrolled in many courses to advance her skillset throughout the years. She has built on this educational foundation to develop a strong organizational background in office management. She plays many roles within the STAT Energy office, taking the lead of the administration team to keep everyone on task. Prior to STAT Energy, Jenny was employed at Norcern Energy, Northstar Energy, Devon Energy Corp., and Sorensen Welding.

Her leisure activities include camping, quadding, horseback riding, and stays busy "chasing kids". Jenny is married with three sons and a daughter." They are the biggest joy to my day," she says. She is involved deeply in their activities and enjoys volunteering to the organizations that her family is passionate about.  She looks forward to further travel opportunities with family and friends.


Jenny is eager to see STAT Energy grow on its firm foundation of strong morals and a good work ethic.

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Safety & Vegetation Manager

Dion hails from Manning and attended Paul Rowe High School where he was and still is an avid curler. He particularly enjoyed quadding and skiing as a youth. The love for outdoor activities he developed while growing up continues to this day.

Dion is a third-class power engineer. He earned a Power Engineering Technology Diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Prior to joining STAT Energy, Dion worked for eight years at Nova Chemicals in an Ethylene Refinery and was owner/manager at a Second Cup outlet in Edmonton for three years. He returned to Manning in 2008 to help operate the family business consisting of oilfield services, logging, and farming.

Dion is passionate about travelling around the globe and has visited many countries. Most recently, he's enjoyed travelling to Phoenix, and he has a bucket list of several more destinations. Dion is married to Britney and the couple has three boys. They enjoy boating and camping excursions on the Peace River east of Manning with family

Dion sees STAT Energy's expansion on the horizon. The foundation is built and now is the time to build upon that reputation.


Randy Danais

Indigenous Relations Consultant

Randy began building relationships with First Nations communities and teaching his crews about First Nations Culture while working as Construction Superintendent. Two years later, this aspect of his work had grown to the point that he became Penn West's Senior Aboriginal Relations Representative. When he started in that role, the company only had 2 Aboriginal vendors on its approved vendor list, and projects were sometimes delayed due to a lack of engagement with Aboriginal communities. Over the last 3 years, Randy has led his team in building positive relationships with every First Nations community in Treaties 6, 7, and 8, as well as all 3 Metis settlements. He has also worked closely with multiple First Nations communities to help recruit, develop and train new Aboriginal vendors and contractors on oil and gas industry-approved vendor list. This included providing support in developing vendor safety programs and obtaining COR certification and approvals. I have also provided training and compliance monitoring to ensure adherence to corporate policies, safety and environmental regulations and industry standards. 

Creating work for Alberta's First Nations and Metis communities, involving communities in Penn West's projects from the outset, and teaching Penn West's employees and contractors to understand and respect First Nations treaties and culture has virtually eliminated conflicts, roadblocks and delays for Penn West's projects. Equally important, our Aboriginal vendors and contractors have an excellent safety record, with no lost-time incidents on Penn West's projects. 

Randy is well respected by both Penn West's field personnel and the Aboriginal vendors and contractor. He also has a good relationship with leaders and elders within all 30 First Nations communities and the 3 Metis settlements in Northern Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia.

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