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When your oilfield company needs extra personnel to get that next big project complete, STAT Energy is ready to fill all your needs.

We provide skilled and certified staff at all levels with competitive hourly rates. We're experienced in oilfield work across Northern Alberta so you'll feel like our staff are your own employees. STAT Energy has an extensive range of trucks and equipment available to augment your own fleet and we provide the operators! Call us today to see how we can add to your team or stable of equipment.


STAT Energy Services offers skilled and experienced gas and well operators on a contract basis.

Our operators are skilled in the start-up, operations, and shut-down procedures within gas plant and well sites. Understanding and implementing your company's safety and operational procedures, while meeting our own standards, is our highest priority in all facets of our work. We are experts at identifying and troubleshooting process upsets, working with engineering and repair vendors to ensure reliable plant and well operation.


In addition to supplying qualified staff, STAT Energy Services is an expert in navigating the terrain which your gas and oil sites are located. We have a range of all-terrain and amphibious vehicles, such as ATVs, UTVs, Nodwells, and Haglunds. We can get you through and over dirt, snow, water, and wetlands safely. Our transportation services receive an ongoing and comprehensive safety regimen that assure our clients are on safe, dependable and reliable transportation.

Our fleet is meticulously maintained, and our operators receive ongoing training and mentoring throughout their careers with STAT Energy Services.


With our wide range of services, we attract highly skilled and specialized labourers to assist your company through a sudden or temporary increase in manpower requirements.

STAT Energy Services employs welders, pipefitters, vegetation control technicians, gas and well operators, professional and hotshot drivers, small and heavy equipment operators, as well as general labourers.

The manpower and skills you need to be successful.

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