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In Canada, we venture farther into the hardest-to-reach places, in colder weather, and in the dark. When the oilfield and forestry industry needs to get somewhere, STAT Energy opens up the way – literally. Roads need to get built to get Canada's resources to market, and we provide the clearing, levelling, and compaction solutions to get it there.

Our diverse and specialized fleet features clearing equipment, dozers, graders, water trucks, flotation tires, packers, lighting, generators, as well as ATV and UTV transportation. We live in the North and have the experience and capabilities to navigate it in any season.



More than 30% of Northern Alberta is covered by wetlands. Although this makes it difficult and inaccessible to most, the heart of Alberta's oil and gas exploration takes place in these areas. It does not stop the need to build temporary infrastructure here.

When companies need a hard, compact, and dry site, STAT Energy Services leads the way. Our supervisors are diligent in ensuring the proper elevations, grades and slopes are built with your project in mind – and packed as densely as possible. We provide drainage solutions and add an extra layer of protection with proper ditches and berms to protect your site.


Companies throughout Northern Alberta have come to rely on STAT Energy to help ensure their oilfields operate efficiently throughout the year. We deliver a variety of maintenance, construction and installation services, and equipment to assist our customers in gaining entry into some of Canada's toughest terrain.

We provide rig, swamp and access mats as well as other ground stabilization products. Our fleet includes graders, dozers, winch trucks, snowcats, specialized amphibious equipment, and snow-making (fan and gun) units. We offer ice road construction, snow removal and Bobcat services. At STAT Energy, we ensure our customers are not slowed down by Mother Nature or hard-to-reach locations.


Do you need some dirt moved? Whether it be for a residential project such as fenceline posts, or general commercial construction projects including additions and new builds, our fleet consists of small, compact and versatile equipment. We have such as Bobcats and Mini-Hoes as well as track hoes and dozers to move volumes of dirt as efficiently as possible.

The structure of our firm enables us to obtain high quality and extraordinarily personalized results.

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