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We understand the importance of accessing rig sites throughout the year, no matter the conditions. Your team will reach their locations efficiently and safely. We have the experienced staff and equipment to construct, maintain and reclaim sites, including road building and repairs. Our services include snow removal, gravel transportation and grading. STAT Energy's capabilities also feature mulching and mowing as well as vegetation control and GPS Spray Equipment.

STAT Energy has the personnel and resources to keep your oilfield operations running smoothly, no matter what time of year.


Our thorough knowledge of all the major types of oil and gas plant, equipment and components mean that otherwise disparate and specific maintenance activities can be consolidated, coordinated and managed by a trusted independent partner- STAT Energy Services.

Our Operations & Maintenance program is a comprehensive, specialized activity that starts with understanding the plant and its processes, together with the objectives of the company. Effective maintenance increases the 'up-time' of the facilities – the time the plant is available for production. In addition to increasing operating revenue, professional maintenance also extends the productive lifetime of the assets, resulting in a reduction in the client's capital expenditure as well as environmental risks.

Our skilled team and diverse fleet allow us to provide a high-quality and coordinated approach to continued production for your company. We employ skilled labourers, Journeyman Pipefitters, Journeyman Welders, as well as experienced Equipment and Plant Operators. STAT Energy has 24/7 emergency dispatch service. This allows you to be at ease knowing we have the right people to keep the facility operational.


When it's time for your company to do a facility turnaround, look no further than STAT Energy for everything you need to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our talented, diversified team includes welders and pipefitters. Capabilities include a shop and portable welding, general fabrication, B-Pressure and stainless steel TIG welding, and pipefitting.

We are members of the Canadian Welding Bureau, an industry-supported private-sector not-for-profit organization providing welding certification, management systems registration and training services. STAT Energy has all the equipment and experienced personnel to help you with your turnaround, including site cleanup.

A proactive and inclusive approach to maintenance.

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